Why Is Golf Fitness Important – Play Better Feel Better

If you’ve ever finished a round of golf feeling fatigued, in pain, and disappointed in your poor performance, you have experienced first-hand why golf fitness is so important. Professional or hobby golfers need to maintain a certain fitness level to achieve their full playing potential.

Golf is more physically demanding than people think…

One golf swing utilizes more than 100-different muscles in the body.

A good level of golf fitness ensures each muscle is honed to provide increased power, accuracy, and overall distance. Good muscle strength results in a more consistent and controlled swing.

With suppleness and flexibility added to the equation, every swing has maximum efficiency.

With less risk of injury, increased stamina, and the possibility of lowering your handicap, who wouldn’t want to improve their overall golf fitness?

Areas of  Your Game That Golf Fitness Improves:

Muscle Strength & Power

Reasons why this is important:

  • Swing: Good muscle tone enables a golfer to maintain total control over the club during an upswing.It also aids when twisting the torso and hip rotation. Muscle fitness supports better accuracy, improved power, and greater distance.
  • Lower body stability: Any golfer worth their salt knows that the foundation of any good swing lies in the correct foot placement, weight distribution, and body stance. Well-trained muscles enable a player to hold position comfortably for the duration of every shot.
  • Endurance: Good muscular endurance improves stamina and consistency; the feeling a player gets when the final stroke they play is every bit as comfortable and impressive as the first one.

What Fitness Is Best for Golf?

There are a few ways golfers can go about this.  Here are some areas to explore:

1. HIT Training (High-Intensity Training): HIT Training that focuses on the core, hips, buttocks, and legs is best for improving golf fitness.  This type of exercise is demonstrated in your game with improved precision, coordination, and stability. Well-toned muscles are far less likely to suffer from injury.

2. Flexibility: Poor flexibility has knock-on effects throughout the body and the game. Golf is a physically demanding sport that requires flexibility throughout the body; without it, you might suffer injury and a loss of power in your stroke.

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When muscles are tight, the range of motion reduces through the body. There needs to be flexibility in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and ankles to successfully carry out a golf swing.

Cold, restricted muscles result in soft tissue damage or worse. When the muscles are well-trained and warm, posture improves, and the golfer has the best axis of motion.

The bigger and more controlled the shoulder turn, the more power, distance, and accuracy you can expect from the shot.

  • How Can Golfers Work on Flexibility?  Make warming up and stretching an integral part of your game. Find the best techniques that suit your ability and perform several stretches before every tee-off. Do a set of warm-ups for each muscle group, including the core, neck, wrists, pelvis, legs, and arms. No specific equipment is required, just a club and some space. 

3. Stamina: Most typical 18-hole golf courses take around 4-hours to play, covering around 6-miles. That is more than the government recommended 100,000 steps per day. It is demanding walking round with a caddy; harder still if you have to pull or carry your clubs.

  • How Can Golfers Improve Their Stamina? Cardiovascular exercise is the best way of improving stamina and fitness. Cardio exercise is any type of physical activity that raises the speed of your heartbeat to within 50% of its maximum capacity.Short bursts of cardio exercise should leave you feeling out of breath, hot, and sweaty. Examples are, running, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, and dancing are just some easy, cheap cardio training methods.Specific gym machines focus on cardio and good heart health, including treadmills, rowing machines, and step climbers.Exercise needs to be in 20 to 40-minutes sessions, 3-times a week. You should soon notice an improvement in your endurance abilities.Cardio exercises improve mental health, help to focus your mind, and lead to a healthier heart. It isn’t only your golf game that improves but also your general well-being and mobility.
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4. Speed: Speed training improves the fitness of the player and the overall speed and distance of the ball. Speed training, sometimes known as Overspeed training, involves getting the body to move faster throughout a series of recognized movements; in this instance, the golf swing.

The aim is to reprogram the brain into understanding that it can swing a club faster than it believes.

It is achieved by carrying out a series of swings with progressively lighter clubs before adding to the load until it weighs 20% more than your chosen driver.

The brain and body become progressively used to the motion and the weight and stroke speed gradually improve.

It is of general benefit to the muscles and joints, focus, and concentration. Golf fitness levels increase, as does the power behind the drive and the distances the ball covers.

5. Balance: Great golfers need good balance; this is best achieved by decent general fitness levels and a series of balance exercises.

Good balance promotes razor-sharp precision, even in approach shots. It also provides more controlled contact, increased power, improved flight.

Poor balance affects weight distribution and body control, two factors that combine to produce a second-rate swing. Weight should be in the trail leg during the backswing and shift to the lead leg before impacting the ball. It is this shift in the stance that that keeps the body stable throughout the swing.

  • How do golfers improve balance? There are many golf balance drills that golfers should regularly practice. They involve balancing on one leg or small structures that tip. It is important to have good golf fitness to safely carry out the drills without fear of stumbling or falling. The older a golfer gets, the more apparent the importance of golf fitness becomes. It is possible to play the game well into your twilight years providing you concentrate on your fitness, health, and lifestyle choices.
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Do You Need Fitness for Golf? Final Thoughts

Golf fitness is important if you want to reach your full potential as a golfer. The most expensive equipment, technique, or the amount of time spent practicing your swing are all wasted if your muscle tone, flexibility, and stamina are lacking.

A fit golfer is less likely to suffer from injury, has better physical and mental strength, and will see improvement in every area of their game.

If you are dead serious about improving your golf fitness, consider the help of a professional fitness program that is specific to golf!

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