What Causes a Slice in Golf?

Hitting slices is a common problem among golfers, so don’t panic or feel too bad about it.

Although it is normal for golfers to hit slices, you should be more focused on improving yourself than trying to use your instincts to fix things. Any attempt to rush focus on this may jeopardize your game even more. 

Incorrect handgrip, swing, and position are some of the reasons why beginners and even top golfers hit slices in golf. If you are still wondering why you keep hitting slices, we have the in-depth answer to your question. So, what causes a slice in golf? Keep reading this article to know more.

What Does Slicing in Golf Mean?

What Causes a Slice in Golf

Slicing is a common issue amongst most golfers. However, hitting the wrong shots during a game can turn out to be annoying. If you are right-handed, you hit a slice whenever your golf shot bends far to the right. Similarly, you hit a slice when your golf shot bends far to the left if you are left-handed.

These bent shots are common amongst people trying golf for the first time or are in the beginner stage. However, you should see your shots swing beautifully in the direction you want with practice and consistency.

Why Does Slicing Happen in Golf?

Most Common Cause of a Slice in Golf…

If you are concerned about why your shots are bending to the far right or left, here are eight reasons why slicing happens in golf:

Open Club Face

The open clubface is a common problem among amateur golf players. Have you ever experienced contact that isn’t square and feels like a sideswipe? That is the definition of an open clubface. One common cause of open clubface is bad or incorrect handgrip. So, make sure to focus more on your grip.

Your Thumbs Are on Top of the Grip a Little Too Much

Slice in GolfMany golfers usually try to fix their weak grip by turning their thumb straight down the grip. However, doing this will place your thumb too far on the grip, and a slice is what you’ll get at the end.

Although most golfers confuse this issue with the open clubface, they mean two different things.   

You Spread Your Arms Too Far Apart From Your Body

Circular swings are common in golf, and you, as a golfer, should allow its natural curving projection. You may not hit a square face if you keep your arms far apart from your body.

If you haven’t noticed, separating your arms from your body during a backswing or downswing is one easy way to open the clubface.

You Keep Your Lead Arm Straight for Too Long

Straightening your lead arm for too long is another common cause of slice in golf. It is common for amateur golfers to confuse their width with their lead arm. 

Your width and lead arm are two different things. Your width gives you the extra power you need when performing a swing. Additionally, your width can help relax your elbow and even fold when attempting a forward swing.

Once your front arm stays stiff for too long, the ball will slice, which may also delay your clubface and speed.  

Wrong Posture

Bad or incorrect positioning can cause lots of problems in golf and other games. Although every golfer’s posture or positioning differs, wrong or bad posture is one of the causes of a slice in golf.  

You won’t be able to perform a correct backswing if you stand too tall and allow your hip joint to flex forward. This positioning may also cause a coin incident that may lead to a slice path on your downswing. 

Ball Position and Hit

Even if you hit your ball straight, your ball position can be what causes your slice in golf. A good golfer should understand that their shoulders should vary with the driver compared to when the ball is slightly on the ground. Wrong ball position usually causes a slice. 

Playing With a Weak Arm

As a golf player, it is important to note that playing or using your dominant arm is one sure way to avoid a slice. If you play or swing from your weak side, your lead arm will tend to delay the clubface on your forward swing.

However, you should stick with your dominant arm and play from the right side if you are right-handed. This rule also applies to your left arm.

Lack of Weight Transfer in Your Swing

A quality golf swing will involve a transfer of weight.  During the backswing, your weight will favor the back foot. Then, as you progress into and through your downswing, there should be a transfer of weight that favors the lead/front leg.

How to Fix a Slice in Golf?

Now you know why and what causes a slice in golf. Your next big question may be what to do about it. Here are six tips on how to fix slicing issues in golf.

Slice in Golf

  1. To fix the open clubface issue, turn one of your hands away from your target, and note that you may need to turn farther than you think.
  2. Next, keep your underarms close to your body as you swing your golf stick, as this will most likely give you a square clubface. As a result, you’ll have more room to swing naturally with the extra power you need.
  3. Swinging with your hands spread apart is a good way to improve your swings. practice your swings consistently and watch how you deliver a square face at impact. 
  4. Relax your body and make sure you are in a state of balance. Additionally, allow your hips to bow slightly so that your arms can relax and hang. 
  5. Ensure your shoulder line matches your body line, as a wrong shoulder line can directly influence your swing path.
  6. If you struggle with flexibility limitations, attempt flaring your back foot and squaring your forward foot.

What Causes the Slice in Golf – Final Thoughts

The answer to “What causes a slice in golf?” is pretty straightforward. Weak handgrip and posture are some of the reasons why most golfers fall victim to golf slices. Of course, you can’t become a master without passing through the learning phase.

Most expert golfers you see today were also once victims of golf slices during gameplay. However, with consistency and practice, you should see your gameplay improve, and falling victim to golf slices during every game can become a thing of the past. 

It’s best to note the reasons why most golfers fall victim to this issue and how you can avoid them to improve your gameplay. Good luck.

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