How to Remove Scratches From Golf Clubs in 5 Simple Steps

The feel of a freshly unwrapped golf club is irresistible to the eyes because of its pristine look and shine. However, like all things in life, your golf club will succumb to the basic wear and tear and stop looking so spotless — but you need not worry if yours is fading quickly. Sometimes the gloss fades even on a short run. 

Regardless of how careful you are with them, your golf clubs will have scratches and scuff marks. It is undoubtedly an inescapable part of the game and haunts virtually every golf player out there. 

So, the question remains, is there any method for eliminating these marks for good? The answer’s yes—this article will show you how to remove scratches from golf clubs. So, if you are a golf lover and you hate seeing these scratches on your golf clubs, you’re in luck. Now you don’t have to discard your precious clubs because of those ugly scratches. Just follow these simple procedures to give your old golf clubs a new, shiny look. 

Let’s get to business!

Types of Scratches and Blemishes on a Golf Club

How to Remove Scratches From Golf Clubs

Typically, apart from your everyday play, blemishes may appear due to mishandling of the clubs and poor shots. Most damages occur on the golf clubs’ driver since it’s the part that does most of the work. When you are about to embark on the journey of a club repair, it’s of utmost importance to know the type and gravity of the damage to your club. 

Therefore, regardless of the type of club you’re using, either wood, putter, wedges, irons, or hybrids, inspect the type of scratches first. They may fall in one of the following categories. 

These are the most common scratches that happen to a golf club—and are effortless to remove. The culprit behind these scratches is usually dirt and small rocks that lead the club heads to lose their shine.

A deep scratch is difficult to remove when compared to a light scratch. Deep scratches can occur when golfers, during frustration, hit, throw or smash their clubs against hard surfaces.

Nonetheless, if you want to fix these blemishes and improve the appearance of your golf clubs, try the steps below.  

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How to Get Rid of Scratches From Golf Clubs’ Drivers 

Repairing a scratch on your golf drivers is a bit stressful, especially when the affected area is the clubface. Always take care of your clubface, so it doesn’t sustain too many deep scratches. Deep scratches might affect your game’s performance, unlike sky marks that have little or no effect on your club’s performance. 

Therefore, if the scratch is light and not too deep into the surface, you can repair it yourself. However, if your scratches are deep, and you are unsure whether you can fix the scratch, try to seek a professional’s help.

Here are the steps that can help you remove scratches from your golf clubs’ drivers. 

Step 1: Clean the Clubhead

Using a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber material, and warm water, clean the clubhead thoroughly. Avoid adding too much pressure when cleaning because it can cause more damage than good.

Step 2: Tape the Borders

Apply painter’s tape around the borders of the affected area, leaving the part where you’ll work open. This will prevent paint-spills from destroying the other parts. 

Step 3: Paint the Clubhead

Using touch-up paint specifically for golf clubs, gently paint the affected areas in a back and forth motion using a foam brush. If you do not have touch-up paints, you can substitute them with automobile paint. However, make sure it matches the golf club’s original paint color. 

Step 4: Allow to Dry 

Allow the paint to dry; it may take hours, depending on the type of paint you use. Once dried, you can remove the painter’s tape and smoothen the surface with sandpaper. However, the latter is completely optional so do it only if needed. 

Tip: soak the sandpaper in water for 15 minutes before smoothing the rough parts.

Step 5: Apply Polish

Using a metal polish or a golf club polish (see our review of the top 5 here), burnish your golf club for better results. Apply a thin layer of polish onto a microfiber cloth and evenly apply it to the metal surface. Let it dry. Voila!, you have a new and shiny golf club once again!

Old Golf Clubs

Removing Sky Marks From Golf Clubs

Typically, the club’s face is used to hit the golf ball in a proper golf swing. However, sometimes, even the finest golfers strike the ball with the club’s top. This strike is a poor swing and may cause your club to get inflicted with sky marks. Thus, these marks appear on top of the drivers.  

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As sky marks are primarily on the surface, they’re relatively easy to remove. Unfortunately, if they have penetrated your club’s paint, you’ll need a whole different procedure.

Removing Sky Marks

We suggest starting with the simplest cleaning method. Below is a step-by-step guide to it.  

Step 1: Clean the Golf Iron Head 

First, make sure your golf iron head is immaculate. Clean the surface using soap water and a microfiber cleaning cloth. If you have a plastic brush handy, you can use that to clear out the grooves and remove any filth. Once you are through cleaning, wipe the head with a dry cloth.

Step 2: Apply Toothpaste

Apply any white toothpaste of your choice in the affected area. After dabbing the paste on the iron surface, please wait for a few minutes until it is completely dry. Then, scrub the paste with a clean cloth in a circular motion. Slowly, you will notice the scratches disappear.

Step 3: Apply Paint If Necessary

If step two doesn’t remove all the scratches, try out this professional solution. 

Get a paint that is used explicitly for touching-up golf clubs. After applying tape around the borders to avoid spills, paint the affected area and let it dry.

Step 4: Remove the Tape

Once the paint has dried, you can remove the painter’s tape. If you notice any imperfections after that, use sandpaper to smoothen them. Make sure to pre-soak your 220-grit sandpaper in water for 15 minutes before use. That’s important because dry sandpaper can damage your golf club even more.  

Cleaned Golf ClubsWhat Are Scuff Marks on Golf Clubs and How to Remove Them

Scuff marks are the black spots you observe on your clubhead. These marks form when your club collides with a rubber surface. Your shoes are most likely to cause these marks.

Scuff marks, luckily, are quite easy to remove. All you need to do is purchase a white magic eraser and rub it against your club. Many users who tried it claimed that the scuff marks vanished immediately.

FAQs on How to Remove Scratches From Golf Clubs

Now that you have a basic idea on how to remove scratches from golf clubs, let’s look at the most recurring questions regarding the process.

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1. Are scratches on golf clubs bad?

Scratches and blemishes on a golf club are virtually inevitable, and every golfer experiences them at any given time. Sure, scratches on golf clubs can be critical. However, most scratches and scuffs on golf clubs do not affect the club’s effectiveness.

Any sand, mud, or grit that comes into contact with the ball and the club might cause a scratch. Long-term damage can usually be avoided or reversed with regular cleaning and evaluation.

2. Can I clean my golf clubs with bleach?

Avoid using bleach or other strong detergents on the golf club. Instead, a light, liquid-soap solution will suffice. Soak a microfibre cloth in soapy water and wipe the clubhead clean. Try to be gentle with your club and carefully follow the cleaning procedures shared in the article. 

3. Can I clean my golf clubs with steel wool?

Yes, you can. Interestingly, washing your golf clubs with steel wool cleaning pads is pretty convenient and straightforward. Soak the pad, rub it in the soap, and then rinse it off. That’s all you need to do to have a sparkling club head in almost no time.

4. How do I polish golf irons?

Polishing golf irons is quite simple. Here is how you can do so with only a little effort. Wipe your golf iron down with a damp microfiber cloth and let it dry. Using another clean cloth, apply a small amount of golf club polish. To erase the light skylines, rub the cloth in a circular manner. Apply vehicle wax to the clean surface after eradicating the skylines for a shining club. 

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has provided you with all the necessary information on how to remove scratches from golf clubs and refinish them. Remember, regular maintenance and evaluation of your club are key to its longevity and maintaining its shine. 

Our cleaning procedures are a fantastic way to keep your golf clubs shiny and spotless, just like they were when you first bought them. If you want to master the art of removing scratches from the clubs, you must know the exact problem and the right way to solve it. Hence, start with identifying the type of scratch your club has and then pick a cleaning process accordingly. Knowing how to remove scratches from golf clubs will make everything a lot easier! Whichever process you choose, make sure to be gentle with your golfing equipment. 

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