How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight in 5 Easy Steps?

Golf is one of the popular games all around the world. People like to enjoy each round of golf that is full of strategies, planning, and challenges. The challenging part of golf is to learn how to hit a golf ball straight, and even professionals cannot do it consistently.

It is hard to hit a ball straight every time, especially on a new drive. According to the analytical data, it happens only 61% of the time for professionals to hit the golf ball straight that goes fairway off the tee.

There are some tactics to understand about how to hitting the ball straight. You cannot learn it in an academy but with practice and experience. This blog will guide you through steps to learn how to hit a golf ball straight? You may find it helpful about your golf practices, so keep reading the article.

Basics of Golf

How to Hit a Golf Ball StraightGolf is not just a game but a learning technology that simultaneously gives you pleasure and tactics to deal with. The player needs a golf driver and a golf ball as equipment for this game.

Drivers have a particular structure that consists of clubface and handles. They can be slightly different in shape and size, but every driver has a clubface to hit the golf ball.

Clubface contains a sweet spot that helps hit the golf ball straight and strike it to maximum distance. The sweet spot angle of the driver is also important to hit the golf ball straight.

When you hit a ball, the square part of the clubface must hit the ball. Because if you hit the ball but fail to make it square side, the ball will spin on the side and result in a hook, a fade, or a slice.

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How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight?

A golf player must learn the following steps to know about how to hit a golf ball straight.

Step 1: Neutral Grip

A driver’s grip is a significant factor in hitting the ball straight, and it depends on how you have gripped the driver. The best way is to grip it from the center and keep it straight while your lead hand’s thumb faces downwards. This technique is also called Neutral Grip in golf.

Step 2: Non-Lead Hand Placement

It also depends on the placement of your non-lead hand whether the ball will go straight or not? Your lead hand should go along the side of the grip, and you should make sure the V between the thumb and finger of your non-lead hand should face towards the non-lead shoulder.

Step 3: Alignment

To hit the golf ball straight, align the clubhead and ball according to your target. Keep in mind that the club head and club you placed on the ground should be perpendicular to each other. It is also necessary that the clubface is lined up correctly. If you need a visual cue, you can place the club near the target while the ball runs to reach the target.

Step 4: Feet Angle

To hit the ball straight, feet angle is also crucial, along with the angle of your arms. There are three stances: open stance, where your feet are opened to the target. The closed stance is where your feet are slightly turned away from the target. The third stance is neutral. In a neutral stance, feet are straight with the target. You can choose any stance after aligning the clubface.

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Step 5: Backswing and the Hit

golf ball

The hit starts with the backswing of the driver. Make sure that the clubhead is inside the golf ball when your drawback. This is a significant factor that can help avoid outside-in swings and sidespin. Now you can begin the backswing. Outside-in swing is a common mistake made by a golfer just before the hit while correcting the ball. The golfer creates the side spin while hitting square on the clubface. After going through all these steps, hit the ball. Now your ball should go straight.


It is hard to hit the golf ball straight, but it is not like you cannot do anything about it. You can practice the above steps until you become a pro and get the skill to hit the golf straight. Many golfers don’t know how to hit a golf ball straight?

You should keep in mind the main thing is constantly hitting with the square of the club’s face to avoid side spin, hook or fade. The angle of lead-hand, non-lead-hand, and feet are also helpful factors in hitting the ball straight.

Align the clubhead and the golf ball with the target, and you are good to go. Start the backswing and hit the ball. Your ball will go straight towards the target. We hope that this article has guided you in a better way to hit the golf ball straight.

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