How to Fix a Hook in Golf? 2 Easy-Peasy Solutions!

Golf is a sport that has its vital playing strategies and points. And it is well known to anyone who has tried it that this sport is relatively more tricky than expected. 

It is all fair game and exciting when you are in your comfort zone and just watching it. But being in that field and playing it is instead a challenging task. On top of that, learning how to fix a hook in golf makes the game more challenging.

What Is a Hook?

How to Fix a Hook in Golf

According to the American professional golf instructor Hank Haney, you are fortunate if you are the type of player who often hits a hook as opposed to a slice. He considers the hook as the final stop to a great golf swing resulting in excellent shots. 

But at the same time, it is still a ball-fight problem that needs to be taken care of if you want to be a scratch or near-scratch player. Now, before diving in straight to the topic, let’s first get a clear idea about what a hook is and why it is happening.

When you shoot a ball straight to the inside, this ends up making an impact. The hook can appear right at this impact. Sometimes, the hook also occurs when your ball heads straight for a long distance. And it happens before taking a turn to the inside. The cause of the hook is primarily due to grip and follow-through issues and not a poor swinging pattern.

What Is the Primary Cause of a Hook?

More often than not, the fault starts as soon as the swing begins. Sometimes, during an appropriate game setup, the player’s right elbow will tend to drift to the side and away from their body. The same goes for the player who is left-handed with the left elbow causing the ball to move in the wrong direction. And an adjustment has to be made later in the swing to avoid shutting off the clubface. 

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Why Are You Hooking Your Golf Balls?

If you have the habit of hooking a ball from time to time, believe us when we say that it’s alright. Plus, it’s not just you. Even the most experienced players face this while playing. The problem of the hook is easy to identify, so as soon as you identify it, you can take steps to avoid it going forward. You can make a straight hit with more consistency with a correct swing and keep it near your body.

Below are some explanations as to why you hook your golf balls while you play:

golf clubGrip

The most well-known reason players make a hook shot is how you swing at the start of a game. Players with a firm grip tend to curve the ball from right to left. The player’s right-hand moves away from the ball and to the right simultaneously.

As a result of this peculiar movement, the hand slides to the right and moves under the club. Turning your hand to face the target consistently can solve the issue of the hook.

Additionally, if your problem stems from this particular reason, ensure that the V’s that lie between your index finger and your thumb is not facing your rear shoulder. 


Failing to turn and shift your weight forward while taking the shot is another cause. The clubface closes, further hitting the ball to the left when you swing due to the impact. 

This is because your body stops turning but not the club. To resolve this, ensure that your club as well as your hands are in front of you while making the swing. Also, make sure to face forward and turn until the center of your chest. The final and most important step is to move your entire weight forward.

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You can gain a correct alignment if you discharge your body to the target line from head to toe. Your body, especially your head, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet, should always be aimed towards the target.

How to Fix a Hook in Golf

Fixing a Hook

The causes of the hook itself give us an idea of how to fix it. It is important to check your alignment and grip during the game to avoid the issue of a hook shot.

These are discussed above and will help you improve yourself the next time you play golf. You can also follow two steps to eliminate hooks from your game.

Left-Hand Drill

One of the valuable methods to improve the incidents of a hook is to swing with just your left hand. Using your left hand will be hard in the initial stages if you are a right-hand player. 

It will take some practice and time to reach a position where you will forget your natural tendency to hold in the right hand. Eventually, you will succeed and gain a stable clubface.

Wider Stance

The wider stance method keeps the distance between your feet a little far from each other, ma. Be careful not to go too far with this pose. Further, try to lift your body and keep it neutral as you take the shot. Try to push off your right foot from the top, and you are good to go.


There is not a thing such as a perfect swing in the first hit. Of course, it is possible to achieve it, but with time, practice and patience. Even the skilled players face the problem of hooking the ball from time to time.

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Keep in mind the things to be followed in your swing and grip. Stretch your body forward and turn through the swing. Perfecting this skill is a challenging process, so give it time and make sure you practice well. And in due time, you will be good to go and you’d fit into the description of a strong and excellent golf player.

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