How Senior Golfers Can Increase Distance

Most senior golfers experience a loss of distance on the course.  It’s inevitable, really.

There are a number of reasons why golfers lose distance as they age.  The main culprits for this are the loss of balance, flexibility, and strength.

It’s human nature that we experience a decline in those areas, but that does not mean we have to sit back and let it happen without fighting back!

Before looking into how to increase distance, let’s talk about those 3 main culprits a bit.

Golf Swing Distance Killers for Seniors

As mentioned above, the main reason senior golfers struggle to hit the ball as far as they used to is the decline in balance, flexibility, and strength.  Let’s go a little deeper…

  • Balance: It is natural to lose balance with age. That is one of the reasons why you hear about seniors falling and having accidents like that. In golf, the loss of balance is a top distance killer.  The body has a natural reaction to the loss of balance, and that is to slow down.  While it is a natural reaction, it is bad news for the main thing required for getting distance, clubhead speed.
  • Flexibility: Like balance, a natural decline in flexibility happens with age. This is no secret, and too many people simply stand by and let it happen and do nothing to prevent or improve their flexibility and mobility. The golf swing is a series of small movements, which all have to sync up and work together to complete a swing.  When anyone area of your body becomes still and rigid it throws the entire sequence out of whack.  The end result being, less clubhead speed.
  • Strength: Another thing we lose with age is strength. Golfers 50 years of age and up experience a severe decrease in strength and power performance. Bet ween the ages of 40-7o they typical aging adult will lose about 30% of their muscle mass.  The end result of the loss of strength is a diminished clubhead speed, which as you know, will make for much shorter drives and shots on the course.
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Yes, it is inevitable that age comes in a causes problems for your game.  However, it does not mean you are powerless to it and you have to stand by and take it.

A functional strength and power training regimen that is specific to golf will help you in all 3 of these areas, so you can begin to regain and build power in your game again. Additionally, learning to hit a draw can also help get a little more roll-out on your shots.

So… How Can You Start Hitting the Ball Farther Again?

This is a crazy idea… But… The best way for you to start the process of distance recovery is by working on 3 things.  They are:

  1. Balance
  2. Flexibility
  3. Strength

Whoa!! Crazy idea, huh?  The bottom line is that loss is inevitable.  But you have 2 choices, which are:

  1. Do nothing and keep being frustrated
  2. Address these things and commit to a regimen that works all 3 areas so you can start taking back what you’ve lost!

There are other benefits too.  Improving your balance, flexibility, and strength will not only lead to more distance and better scores, but it will improve your overall quality of life, too!

As you age, golf will become more strenuous on your body.  The aches and pains will become more regular, and even debilitating. You will lack the necessary strength and stamina to make it through a round without becoming completely unglued.  You know, the snowman holes, the shanked drives, flubbed irons, and loss of focus.

Every area of your game will improve if you take the necessary steps to improve those 3 things!

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So… How Can Senior Golfers Get More Distance?

I am glad you have asked.

You see, I have a story about lost distance.  To make a long story short, I was about 50 lbs heavier 3 years ago than I am now.  In my mid-40s, and was hitting it about 35 yards less than I was only a few years earlier.

My flexibility went to the dogs, and I was no longer able to create lag in my swing, and my distance all but went away.

It led me down a rabbit hole.  Like you, I did some searching online. It led me to a program that taught me about the 3 things sabotaging me on the course, then showed me a path to addressing them, allowing me to regain everything I had lost, and then some!

In fact, it led me down a path that went much deeper than golf.  As a dad of 3 and in my mid-40s I did not want to be heavy, out of shape, and unable to be a goof with my kids.  The program taught me so much about my overall health I almost forgot why I started the journey!

But… In the end, it helped me to regain my balance, enhance my flexibility, and build strength.  The end result was an on-balance golf swing, with a full range of motion, and all the strength I need to not only recover my distance but actually hit farther than I had been in my mid-30s!

Not only that, but I lost about 50lbs because it helped me become so much more aware of everything.  When I realized how out of whack my body was I became focused and took the challenge head-on.

Enough rambling Josh… What is the program?

I am wordy, I know.  For that, I apologize.

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So if you are serious about regaining distance, playing golf pain-free, and improving your quality of life I can not suggest with a greater sincerity that you go check out Golf Body Rx right now.

If you are dead serious about improving your golf fitness, consider the help of a professional fitness program that is specific to golf!

So if you are serious about ramping up your golf fitness, and improving your quality of life I can not suggest with a greater sincerity that you go check out Golf Body Rx right now. CLICK HERE to visit the Golf Body Rx Site. You will not be disappointed!

This program was created for golfers that experience aches and pains when playing. For golfers that have lost distance on the course from loss of balance, flexibility, and strength. Created by Dr Benjamin Arnold, an M.D. graduate of The University of Texas M.D.  Branch, who happens to be a TPI Certified Professional.  In other words, a golf lover that knows his stuff!

I promise if you check it out you will see how amazing this affordable golf product is.  So before you go out and buy another $500 driver, or $1200 set of irons, consider investing in yourself because the payoff at the end will far surpass anything another club could ever do.

That’s it.

This is no sleazy sales pitch.  This is the real deal, and if you really want to get your groove back on the golf course you have found your path.  It is right here and you can come back and thank me later 🙂

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